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SMART means; intelligent, efficient, social, mobile, analytic, cloud, artificial intelligence and digital. It means always being uninterrupted, accessible, precise and sustainable.


We want to help you to create a healthy digital lifestyle in order to maximize the user experience and make life easier by providing better solutions. Because digital life style means living a more joyful life.


We also need to pay attention to our financial health together with our physical, mental and spiritual health. For this reason, we want to make innovations and developments to have a better health conditions by being SMART.


SMART ADVICE means, having better and well-informed financial decisions and new generation solutions. It means a new way of financial experience that is redesigned for the benefit of society.





Investors do not feel comfortable when making investment decisions. They are having difficulties in managing portfolios efficiently and developing investment strategies that generate profit. Problems in investment decision-making and investment processes and ways of coping with these problems constitute the subject of this project.

A dynamic financial algorithm is developed to help investors to make investment decisions and to make them better understand themselves; proposing investment products, creating a personalized portfolio with an appropriate distribution of the chosen investment products, and providing support for smarter and well informed financial decisions.



It is a mobile special accumulation application in the mutual funds sector with the aim of creating a fun and profitable brand new customer experience. Expected investors are having difficulty in obtaining the expected returns due to the fact that deposit interests have more attractive returns than investment products and due to short term investment periods.

With "Fund Bonus Accumulator" application, solutions to the above mentioned problems are sought. On the other hand, it will create a clean user experience that will raise awareness about the sale and marketing of investment products. It is aimed to create a sustainable accumulation habit by playing games and with entertainment.



It is aimed to make fast and easy selection of suitable investment products for individuals by analyzing investment behaviors and habits. To ensure this, different investor profile tests were prepared to help investors understand themselves better and closely.

With "Smart Portfolio", it is desired to provide online consultancy services in accordance with the risk profile by analyzing the financial information level and the relations with financial products. Thus, it is aimed to eliminate investors' disagreements about risk and return expectations. On the other hand, it is aimed to make smart investment decisions and to make them feel well informed.



Individual Pension should be considered as a long term investment behavior. It should become a regular habit and definitely should be included in financial future plans. Making the right planning and using the right to change the fund distribution are key points in this process. On the other hand, there is a need for a reliable resource to build up the accumulation expectations for the future and to make different scenario analyzes.

With "AkıllıBES", a functional application is developed to meet all these needs. An infrastructure is being prepared that will enable the changes in fund distribution and the performance of retirement plans to be understood instantly and in a simple manner.



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Robo Advisor for Pension

Bireysel Emeklilik'in En Keyifli, Sosyal ve Özgür Hali

Yapay Zekaya Sahip Robo Danışman

Robo Advisor Based on Artificial Intelligence


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